It all started with a couple of things that I’ve made for my daughter in 2009. She was about one year old and I couldn’t find what I was looking for – a comfortable clothes of clean silhouette, made from natural fabrics. Eventually I’ve decided to try and sew something myself. I found a suitable fabric, tried a few patterns until I’ve got the desired fit and produced a few garments.


The process itself was pretty fascinating, but more important was that many of my friends and their kids loved the clothes. Even strangers on the street wondered where I buy clothes for my daughter. That’s how I got my first orders, and realized that I was not the only one looking for something new in kids apparel: colours off the beaten track, variety of textures and clean lines.

So I started making children’s clothes to order – at first for my friends and acquaintances, and then for small stores, local and abroad.
I pay special attention to the fabrics, always looking for the soft and gentle, preferably the natural ones. I keep the silhouette simple and clean, not overdetailed. The quality is very important for me and all items are passing through my hands. I’m trying to make the clothes that I would not mind to wear myself. But the best compliments for me are the good feedback from the kids wearing my clothes.

In my designs I use elements of the early 20th century costume, some details from work and sports apparel. I watch a lot of old movies and always make a note on interesting clothing details. But of course the main source of my inspiration are children, the world of childhood and my childhood memories.

I love what I’m doing, for me it’s like reliving my childhood all over again.